HBT Photo Album PA11 Jim2 1957-1985 La Canada family
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• Note to Jim2 & Joby's La Canada family.
• Any text recollections or augmentations which family might wish me to add to these photos will be included. Most of the photos are self-explanatory to the principals. Pages 8, 10, and 31 allow for additional resolution to aid in printing of single pictures.
• album page HBT_PA11_01
•  Jim Truher Jr., Eliot Junior High School, 1949.
• album page HBT_PA11_02
•  Jim Truher Jr., Eliot Junior High School, 1950.
• album page HBT_PA11_03
•  Jimmie T's first grade class picture, at Sauvies Island, Spring 1940, not far from Portland.
• album page HBT_PA11_04
•  Jimmie T's Christmas letter to his father, 1942
• album page HBT_PA11_05
•  A & B. Frost Amphetheater, Stanford University graduation ceremonies for Jim2, 1957.

C. Jim2 and Jim1 standing.
Joby at left, Michael Truher hold JWT3, HBT seated at left.

Babtism of JWT3. Joby holding Jim3. Joby's mother at left. May Truher, JWT1's sister is at right.
• album page HBT_PA11_06
•  A. Joby hold JWT3.
B. Joby's mother hold JWT3.
• album page HBT_PA11_07
•  A. JWT1,3,2
B. JWT3 with mother Joby
• album page HBT_PA11_07 c
• album page HBT_PA11_08
•  A. JWT1, Jack, Michael, JWT3, JWT2

• album page HBT_PA11_08ab
• album page HBT_PA11_08c
• album page HBT_PA11_09
•  D, E, F Sarah Truher in Spring of 1960 joins her brother.
• album page HBT_PA11_10
•  top: Sarah being held by Joby in backyard of Altadena home, 803 Morada Place.

bot: Sarah Truher
• album page HBT_PA11_10a
• album page HBT_PA11_10b
• album page HBT_PA11_11
• various views of Joby and Jim2 with Jim3 and Sarah. Picture B has Helen Burke Truher holding Sarah.
• album page HBT_PA11_12
•  Picture A. Jim2 is holding baby, but could be Julie or Jim3? This picture may not be time sequenced for this page.

Picture B. Sarah, Jim3, Julie.

Picture C. Jim3 and Julie are with grandmother Helen Truher. Sarah closer to mother Joby.

Picture D. Jim2 and Jim1 Truher at 803 Morada place with Jim1's 1957 Cadillac in background.

Picture F. Mary Pat.
• album page HBT_PA11_13
•  Picture A. Jim3 with Julie and Sarah.

Picture C. Grandmother Nelson with Joby's four children at New Years' day by float assembly on early morning before parade on Jan. 1st.

Picture E. Jim2-Joby four kids with Jim1 and Joby in background. This is at 245 Hillside Road, South Pasadena, Jim1's new house.

Picture F. Mary Pat with dolls.
• album page HBT_PA11_14
•  Various pictures of Jim3 and Sarah. Picture E has the four Jim2-Joby children.
• album page HBT_PA11_15
•  All of Julie Truher.
• album page HBT_PA11_16
•  Picture E. shows Jim2 in foreground with red sweater in 1971 encounter at 245 Hillside, South Pasadena, as explained below.

Picture F. At right among three men is John Wright, Jim2 college friend who killed himself and wife in a Nevada (?) air show. Jim wrote:

"John Wright and his wife Barbara were among my best friends at Stanford and for many years after - Job and I spent our honeymoon at John's parents' 500,000 acre cattle ranch in Nevada; John was in my fraternity (Delta Tau Delta), an Air Force pilot, a chief pilot for Pan American. He killed himself and wife in 1983 in a rebuilt WWII Mustang Fighter plane while showing off, flying 200 mph, upside down, 500 feet above the ground."

Steve Doctor next to John Wright was a good friend in college too and later. He played fullback on football team, was a Delt and a fellow commiserater at Stanford. I’m pretty sure the left most in this photo is Lucky Palmieri who was/is a good friend of Steve’s.
• album page HBT_PA11_17
•  Picture A is Jim3.

Picture B & C. Mary Pat.

Picture D. Jim1 and Jim2.

Picture E. Helen, Michael, Joby, Jim2, Jim 1.
• album page HBT_PA11_18
•  usual subjects
• album page HBT_PA11_19
•  family on 245 Hillside property.
• album page HBT_PA11_20
•  Picture C is Mary Pat with Sarah.
• album page HBT_PA11_21
•  same family growing up.
• album page HBT_PA11_22
•  Picture C. is Kathy (Jim3 wife) with Jim1 and Jim3 receiving present from Mary Pat.
• album page HBT_PA11_23
•  Picture C is Jim1 with son Michael.
• album page HBT_PA11_24
•  page features Jim3 and Kathy wedding. Picture C is Sarah. Picture E is Mary Pat being assisted..
• album page HBT_PA11_25
•  Jim3 baby Jim4 has appeared being held in Picture B by great grandmother Helen Truher.
• album page HBT_PA11_26
•  some duplicates from previous page
• album page HBT_PA11_27
•  features mother Kathy with Jim3.
• album page HBT_PA11_28
•  page features Jim3 and Jim 4.
• album page HBT_PA11_29
•  Jim 4 at top. Jim1,3,4 at bottom.
• album page HBT_PA11_30
•  Julie, Mary Pat, Joby at top with Jim2 at right. Jim2 and Jim3 at bottom.
• album page HBT_PA11_31
•  Photo gallery on west wall of Jim & Helen Truher home in South Pasadena. These pictures were stable for many years. Perhaps Jack will return in a later revision to identify the various memories which Helen enjoyed for so long.
  album page HBT_PA11_31c2014
•  same wall of photos, enlarged for better resolution, but not much improvement for the effort.