Subject:     "Early Years with my 3 sons"
       written by Helen Burke Truher
Date:       now gathered 3 decades later
      Fri, 18 May 2010
By:       Jack Truher <>

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About 1980, my mother wrote a reliable history for her eldest son, Jim Jr., of their shared early years in Washington and Oregon. Then Helen was a struggling young mother in the sometimes wild forests of the Northwest, 1934-1941. With her husband Jim, and sons Jimmie and Jack, the family migrated often to construction camps or nearby apartments, where her husband, Jim, worked as a highway contractor's superintendent and business accountant.

Shorter chapters capture her recollections of her later, more traditionally residential era in Altadena. These latter two chapters recall events similarly for her sons, Jack and Michael.
Note: The five pictures on this web page are a random collection which Helen Burke Truher had gathered together as representative of her family life with three sons in Altadena.
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You can download a larger text image file: 30 MB, 73 pages - in three parts - memories of years with her sons by Helen Burke Truher, written about 1980. It has a weakly printed pages.

This text should download as a single 30 MB PDF file to your desktop from the link just below.
Contents: HBT recollection on years shared with each of three sons
pg 01-50 w JWT2
pg 51-63 w JBT
pg 64-73 w MBT
I can make reading the first 9 of those 73 pages a little easier, as I had earlier converted those typed pages to digital format with some Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. I ultimately found that completing the OCR task was too time consuming among priorities.
Here below are the OSC converted 9 pages are available on the web:

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My mother's story gains context from album pictures she had gathered, and which I had digitized for web display in various ways.

For example, here are the family album pictures from the Seattle years (album PA1) in a separate web page:

and the relevant pictures from two other of mother's albums from the same era:

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I have recently reestablished my more comprehensive genealogy web site, which includes the Burke and Ford lines.

The URL above has all the same pictures and text for mother's photo album, but you might prefer the format from the URL below.

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I found Helen's typically thoughtful response from mother to her grown son, Jack in 1972:

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