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Jim Eccles, retired chief clerk to superintendent, Tacoma, and his wife are enjoying a three-month visit in Los Angeles and vicin- ity wi th their many relatives. Jim is also looking up some of his friends, such as F. C. Dow, fonner superintendent, and Engineer Charles Benjamin an{\ Al Roesch, who are retired and living in California. Jim tells us he had a letter from the daughter of --

Gus Truher, retired passenger conductor, advising that her father passed away on Feb. 2 in Honolulu. He had been living there for over a year. Remains were taken to Los Angeles for burial beside his wife, who passed away about a year ago. 

Big Ben Numerals Identify 

Milwaukee Locomotives 

The old and the new Milwaukee Road headlight numeral wings. The S-2 locomotive at the left 

displays the new wings and new numeral design. The 45 degree anqle at which these winqs 

extend from the headlight alds identification. The C-S·S locomotive at the right is shown as it 

ap~ared before the old numeral wings were .replaced by the"new type. The old type, set at a 

30 .degree angle, were not distinguishable at as great a distance as the new ones. 

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