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• Nth cousin defined. So you think you might be a 3rd cousin, twice removed. What does that mean?

I saved some text about that:

from RootsWeb Review, 3 December 2003, Vol. 6, No. 49 email
see here below:
• 1b. EDITOR's VIRTUAL DESK. Removing Cousins -- Gently
A reader recently wrote about finding a cousin with whom he shares a
3-great-grandfather but not the 2-great-grandfather. He wanted to know
"how times removed are we?"

The answer is you are not removed at all. The genealogical term "removed"
means that a person belongs to a different kinship generation.

In this instance the reader and his new cousin are 4th cousins. Their mutual
ancestors are the reader's 3-great-grandparents, which means their
2-great-grandparents were siblings; their great-grandparents were 1st
their grandparents were 2nd cousins, and their respective parents were
3rd cousins.

However, the "removed" part enters the picture if you want to compare
what YOUR children are to this new 4th cousin. They would be HIS
4th cousins once removed (because they are one generation removed from this
kinship (4th cousins). Such a relationship is recorded as 4C1R.

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