progress reports
• January 27, 2005. I have inventoried the content of what are in Helen Burke Truher's four albums which had been with Jim in Orange County. I have named these Photo Album 10, 11, 12, 13.

album content

PA-10 mixed [JWT1/HBT + JWT2/JBT] family

PA-11 JWT2 family photos

PA-12 JWT2 high school sport clippings

PA-13 JWT2 Stanford sports clippings
• February 06, 2005. We're moving along on the Albums project. Jim and I are annotating album pages as I get them scanned. About 50 pages of text are now associated with the preceeding historical picture album, PA1. If you see anything about any history suggested by the pictures you'd like clarified, let us know. We have largely completed the 40 pages (total) in my Photo Album 1, which is a history of our early Washington State wanderings. Plus the 1st of the two more recent four albums. Sequencing and reconstruction of the second photo album is nearly done. It's about ready to scan.

You can monitor progress over coming weeks or contribute at the web page.

Start by selecting the "HBT albums" tab at right. Then HBT photo album 1, or 10. Set up two browser windows, one for selecting pages and text, the other for album graphic display.

The albums will be returned in condition so that individual pictures can easily be removed and replaced. I am carefully NOT going to glue anything down that isn't already stuck down tight. You recall the photos were not stuck to the old dried adhesive backing. Often the photot sequence was grossly out of order. The plastic page protectors were cracked and yellowed. The old album covers and backing have been be discarded. Nancy and I have time-sequenced the photos and placed them on "magnetic pages" for a 8.5x11 loose leaf folder. When you get them back, of course, you can easily remount them if you wish. For my purposes, the thin new clear plastic is fine for through-scanning the photos. The sequencing, presentation, and accessibility have been improved, but not to abandon the original album narrative intended.
• February 23, 2005 You can find four family albums online. Originally created by Helen Burke Truher, a fifth album will be on the web in 2-3 weeks. High resolution images are available on request.

PA1 In recent months, brother Jim and I have collaborated at length on contextual descriptions for one of these photo albums (PA1) - on our early childhood in Seattle (1934-1944).

PA10 focuses on Jim's childhood family, and also has some newspaper clippings on Jim's early Pac Bell career.

PA11 focuses on his adult family life with Joby and their four children. My mother was obviously delighted with her experiences with how she was able to relate to this family experience.

PA12 features some of Jim's remarkable sports success in high school football and track.

Yet to post on-line:
PA13 features Jim's continuing football and track contributions at Stanford.

four on-line albums , and more later, are found at

same link:

Select "HBT albums" using the right tab or from Contents, then click on the bullet points to navigate. There are further navigation instructions on the web site.

These web pages are secured for privacy by an index feature that makes them hard for outsiders to access unless they have been told of the exact URL. I can protect them further by password. I don't think its necessary.

Two albums are on Jim's sports notoriety in high school (PA12), and at Stanford (PA13). Thanks to Mary Truher Albert for allowing me access to these four albums for long enough to get them online.