HBT Photo Album PA10 Jim2 1934-1952 + 1970s Pac Bell
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• album page HBT_PA10_01
• James Wilder Truher Jr., high school graduation year book photo
• album page HBT_PA10_02
•  A. Jimmie at age 4

B. Helen Truher with baby Jim at age 7 months.

C. Jim standing by Jack (age 4 months.

D. This picture of Jack and Jim is in August's Queen Ann Hill Victorian. Jim says that August and Nellie lived in their Riverton Heights two-story from 1935-1939, and then moved to Queen Ann Hill about 1940 where they stayed until Nellie died and soon August left about 1946 for California and then Hawaii with his daughter where he died. This makes sense. I had the order reversed in my head until now.

Jim clarifies: "I was in part of the first grade while living in the house dad built in Riverton Heights, so that would be late 1940 or early 1941 (grand parents were still in Riverton Heights then. It is also possible that after the baby died we may have gone back from Chehalis to stay briefly in Riverton Heights before leaving for California."

Jack adds: Actually mother's record says that we moved to the Underwood Resort briefly in December mid-way in the Kaufman apartment era when I was four, and then moved back after my I attempted to jump out of the row boat to escape shark attack.

Jim continues: "I think that was some time after 1941, August moved to the Queen Ann Hill home. I remember being in the fourth grade in Chehalis, and was also in the second grade there, but don’t remember much about it except that we lived in two story house at the corner of the main street through town (Market St.)and the street that the grade school is on (7th St.??) about a block away. The Catholic grade school is still there but most all else has changed. When we lived there I think to population of Chehalis was 800."

What Jack remembers most is living in Chahalis Kaufman Apartment. Because I remember that so well, and remember almost nothing of the Riverton Heights house, we were living in the Kaufman apartments when we moved to Los Angeles. My collections in the Kaufman apartments include:

1. Spending a Christmas season there. Mother made a friend there, "Dori". I was very struck by Dori because she had at least two children, and was pregnant with a 3rd. She smelled very pregnant, which was good.

2. Dori had a wild and uncontrollable 6 year old - who broke into the Christmas presents stash and opened many of them prior to Christmas day. He would scream and trash and carry on. On at least one day, he became violent while in the care of mother, who locked him in our closet until his mother came home.

3. I also remember a boy about my age with a scarred face who had crashed through a glass door in the basement, where we both roller skated for exercise, especially when it was raining as usual.

4. I remember walking down the hill by myself to the tiny grocery story with a quarter to buy a loaf of break. I visited there in summer of 1959. Nothing had changed including the tiny grocery store down the hill, and the tiny immigrant couple running it still. I didn't introduce myself.

5. I remember accidentally locking myself into the bathroom of the Queen Ann Hill Victorian when I was about 3-4 years old. Whatever instructions I was getting to open the door were incomprehensible. Poor language skills. Big commotion. Somehow I got out of there.

I just looked up Mother's record of era (later going onto the web). Mother wrote we lived in Kaufman apartments for about 1.5 years, before we moved to L.A., i.e. from December 3rd, 1942 to June 1st, 1944. Our house in Altadena was in construction from June 1st, 1944 until September 24, 1944 when we moved in with the house in very rough, but habitable condition. I remember dad banging on the hardwood floors all hours of the day and night for weeks - before and after he went to work. So I was 5.6 years old when I started 1st grade at St. Elizabeth's.

August 30, 1943 was when baby Terese Truher was born and died. Big mom depression ensued.

Putting this text for this picture location is not very appropriate, but there is no picture of the Kaufman apartments in Photo Album 1.
• album page HBT_PA10_03
•  A. Mother Helen with Jack, about 1943.

B. Jim, Jack, Helen Truher early 1939.

C. Jack at 8 months with Jim2.
• album page HBT_PA10_04
•  A. Jim & Jack Truher with John and Michael Marcks, 1941, in the Kaufman apartments.

B. Jim, Helen, Jack Truher in "Catlin Apts". Jack appears to be about 3.5 years old, or June 1941. Mother looks depressed in this picture. But baby Terese will die nearly two years later of defective heart at age one day, when Helen got really depressed - for about 3 years.

C. Jim2 thinks this might be around Sauvies Island. A lake in a hilly terrain.

D. This is Jack and Jim in early 1942 with Bobbie Burke at the Riverton Heights house. Not sure who is the girl. That's our 1941 Chevrolet.

E. Dad with Jack and brother Jim. Here dad looks unhappy, even angry. Late 1942. For mother to include these unhappy expressions (see also picture B on this page) is almost certainly deliberate. Marriage is a terrible thing.
• album page HBT_PA10_05
•  A. Gary Nelson with his sister Margie, brother Bill who died in childhood, neighbor boy with sailor hat, Jack, and Jim.
•  I know the story of the happy-go-lucky sailor hat boy. He was of a neighbor family. The boy wandered around and got acquainted. As he got older, he became difficult in school. Today he would be ADHD. He may have gotten in a few school yard tussles.

In 5th grade, his parents elected to have him lobotomized, a popular procedure at the time; since discredited. I was appalled at the time to learn of such an atrocity, and to see the impact on the boy's personality. He certainly quieted down. He became lethargic, dormant, stupid, absent curiosity. A real horror awareness of medical abuse as I saw this develop. I have never "trusted" the medical establishment since. I tolerate low risk medical interventions, and those reluctantly.
•  B. Jim, Mike, Jack - early 1949. The film is fuzzy, not the processing.

C. Dad taking boys to shoot a pistol in the desert about five miles toward Los Angeles from Palm Springs.
• album page HBT_PA10_06
•  A. Jimmie Truher with Bobbie Burke (Milo's son from 1st wife), 1936, near what might be grandmother Kate Burke's house.

B. Jim2 as courtier, taken at grandmother Kate Burkes's 73rd Street, Los Angeles house. The play was presented at St. Elizabeth's school.

C. Altadena house of Jim & Helen Truher, prehaps 1945.
• Jack recognizes the tall man at center as Val Rankin and his wife to our left. Rankin was a Seattle telephone company manager. The woman to right is probably Edna Burke's adopted and photogenic daughter, Donna. Donna married Benji anyway, and had several children in a what appeared a long-term marriage. Benji was family heir to a Los Angeles garbage empire. Benji was adjudged by Edna as too low class for Donna. Much tension. Benjie Kazarian's garbage company is BKK, which was in the headlines some years ago for law suit alledging massive pollution of a city in Los Angeles County.

Helen Truher may be 3rd from left. Boy behind her may be Jack or Jim? Boy with back to camera is unknown. Don Nasby looks to be behind that boy. The other women are not familiar. Not clear who all these people are.
• album page HBT_PA10_07
•  A. Uncharacteristic for mother to be caught and preserve such a cough, standing next to Leo (Glen) Burke, probably 1946. Kate Burke, with Edna makes three of her children here.

B. Three Truher boys. Michael at about 7 months.

C. Jim & Jack (looking unhappy to be dressed for church).

D. Jack(?) in the snow about 1949.

• album page HBT_PA10_08
•  Jim Truher as 9th grader at Eliot Jr High School.
• album page HBT_PA10_09
•  Jim's 5th grade class picture, St. Elizabeth's Parachial School, Altadena. Jim is 2nd row, 5th from left.
• album page HBT_PA10_10
•  Jim2, 8th grade graduation picture, June 1948. Jim is top row, 3rd from left with a surprisingly tall group of Altadena cohorts.
• album page HBT_PA10_11
•  A. Jack remembers this as at a motel in Escondido, California, then a remote desert where Jim had a phone company summer job midway in college. 1953-54.

B. Jim home from college having learned the bad habits of the leisure classes, 1954.

C.& D. Jim's Stanford graduation, June 1957.
• album page HBT_PA10_12
•  A. Joe Burke, youngest son of Glen and Mamie Burke, as Air Force Lieutenant with Jim2 as Navy Ensign. Chrismas 1957-58.
•  B.&C Jim2 as supervising Ensign, Skaggs Island Navy communications facility near Napa, California, 1957 or 58.
•  C. John Wright, friend of Jim2 with Jim1 behind Wright's chin. Jim writes: "John Wright and his wife Barbara were among my best friends at stanford and for many years after - John was a Delt at Stanford (as were Jim2 and Jack), an Air Force pilot; chief pilot for Pan American Airlines. He killed himself and wife in 1983 in a rebuilt WWII mustang fighter plane while showing off flying 200 mph, upside down, 500 ft above the ground.
•  D. Jim2 about 1960.
• album page HBT_PA10_13
•  A. Jim1 and Jim2 Truher, 1966.

B. Mother with Jim2, 1968.

C. Joel, Heather(age 3), Nate Truher, 1974. Jk-Ny kids.

D. Mary Pat Truher (Jim2 daughter), 1970.

E. Jim2 newspaper clipping. 1968
• album page HBT_PA10_14
•  A. Jim is on board the USS Albert T. Harris somewhere in middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Year is 1957.

B. John Marcks grown up at left, Jim, and Mike Holmes at right.

C. Ensign Truher.
• album page HBT_PA10_15
•  text on the page
• album page HBT_PA10_16
•  Jim featured in newspaper clipping as telecommunications manager.
• album page HBT_PA10_17
•  Jim on TV. Year?
• album page HBT_PA10_18
•  more TV
• album page HBT_PA10_19
•  A, B, C. Jim featured in Pac Bell corporate news.