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• To get started, just click on the cover page. You will be be taken to the main Contents page, or go there by using tabs at right of page.

If viewing on a browser, note that links may open in your browser tabs.

IMPORTANT: This document is in Outline format. You navigate differently from a standard text document. You will need to expand or collapse sections of text. To learn how to do this, g
o to the "Introduction, How To" tab section, and read the page "IMPORTANT: How to navigate in this Notebook."
• Navigate in the document using the tabs at right of each page. Step from one page to the next, or back, using the arrows at top-right of each page.
• When in doubt, click on the bullet when you see it inside the notebook, appearing as at left. Each text entry block in this notebook begins with a circular bullet point, which may have a "+" or a "-", or "nothing" inside.

If you see a "+" inside any bullet point, click on the symbol for more detail on the same sub-topic.

If you see a "-" inside the bullet point, click on that symbol to absorb and hide indented content. You will get a better view of the outline topics.

If you see nothing inside the circular bullet point, or only a line of text, then clicking on the bullet point may expand a text box that has been collapsed by the author (usually inadvertently) or because all or some part of the document has been collapsed.

Practice with the bullet point for this block of text, see how the indented paragraph just below is absorbed and hidden or opened. This notebook is in outline format, which behaves differently as described from a standard text document.
• The software to make my Journal is called NoteTaker, by Aquaminds, now only for mac OS X, ; at http://www.aquaminds.com/index.jsp . NoteTaker allows easy entry of text, photos, sound, and multi-media.
• From a content page, jump to various pages by clicking on the diamond at left of each text entry. The year or origin, month, and date of each entry are shown in that order.
• Come back and check on me occasionally. Let me know if you have a reaction to something you find here.

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