2003m1007 Vitae (terse) on Ron Haack √
• Ron Haack is a 2nd cousin to Jack Truher. Our grandparents, August and Augusta Truher, were siblings. Ron has made many contributions to the genealogies described in this notebook.

Ron Haack was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1937, attended high school in Saint Paul, Macalester College in Saint Paul, then the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis with a five year degree in Electrical Engineering. After a few moves around the Midwest for about 6 years, Ron joined GE in Cincinnati in 1966 in the Aircraft Engine Division, Engine Controls Department. Engine Controls moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1985. Ron moved with it, and has remained there ever since. Ron retired from GE in about 1993.

Ron Haack lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804-1481, at 1715 Kinross Lane; home phone is 219-432-1819 (You will ALWAYS get an answering machine; picked up for recognized callers, if Ron is home).

Vitae on Ron Haack from his email July 7, 2000.