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I've been expecting you.

This is a holding page,. A little nonsense until I decide what this index page is for. If you'd like to see some of my enthusiams or interests, check out "Jack's Journal" link at bottom, my personal blog.

Hello from Jack on July 23, 2003. Nice of you to come looking for me. I'll do something reasonable with this web page soon enough. Meanwhile take a look around.

I've always been interested in freedom of expression, rationality, how we think. Here's a story that illustrates that interest.

This story on Silencing Dissent reports the speech where Chris Hedges was hooted off-stage at Rockford College when he tried to describe the grim realities of war. Chris Hedges is a free lance reporter with extensive experience covering several of America's imperialistic adventures. Introduced by Amy Goodman of KPFA, the event reveals just how hostile current public sentiment is to civil liberties and truth seeking.

Read the story by Chris Hedges

My Hobbies

Gardening is good exercise. Is grandfathering a hobby? I hope so. Computer skills development keeps me busy.